Vintage Styled Adjustable Lamps

Vintage Styles Scissor Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Richard brought this stunning lamp in a while ago but unfortunately the photographer (moi) couldn’t get a good shot so finally Richard took this “acceptable” one.  I love its unusual copper/brown translucent metal shade.  The weighty antiqued bronze retractable “scissor” base makes it perfect for a desk or a bedside table.  It’s rather handy to bring the lamp closer so you don’t miss a single word of the “fine print” in that document/trashy novel.

Vintage Styled Mica Shaded Floor Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Here’s another vintage styled adjustable.  This is done in “aged black metal” accented with solid wood details. The drum shade is made of natural Mica to complete the “arts and crafts” look.

The wire connecting to the shade even has that vintage look fabric covering…though this one won’t fray and leave dodgy live wires like a true vintage piece.

Use this over your favourite reading chair/sofa or hang directly over an occasional table or someone you are interrogating.

Ta da! Lighting.

Turn of the Century Floor Lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne

If this rare floor lamp could talk it would say “Ta Da” every time you turned it on.  It is gloriously tiered and 6 feet tall.  Decorators (i.e. Richard)  would say “the scale is fabulous”.

The turn of the century chrome finish and round bulbs sends it over the top.   If you like the sound of  “Ta da” you’ll be glad to hear that Glam has a pair.  Together they say………….“Da da da daaaa“!

Pair of 6 foot antique floor lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Now That’s a Floor Lamp

Most floor lamps are prized for the obsequious way they fade into the background.  NOT this one.  This chrome stand-out fitted with an “Edison” filament bulb commands attention.  It needs to hover over a desk, chair or sofa that won’t be dwarfed by its girth.  Treat yourself to this when a demure table lamp won’t do and you need that end table for more important things like food and drinks.