“Steal ” this Stanwyck Sofa

Jane Lockhart’s Stanwyk Sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Do you want a fabulous faux leather on trend couch with tack detailing?    If you said “yes but I can’t afford it”…look no further this one is a steal.  Drop by the store to see what I’m talking about and fill out a ballot to win the Downey Chair (the draw is on Saturday).

Even if you are not in the market for furniture it’s a great time to come in because we have lot’s of new end tables and giftware.  The ceramic flower diffusers are now available in 6 scents… perfect gift for that hostess with a dog she doesn’t smell.

Porcelain Flower Diffusers at Glam Vintage & Moderne


Cozy up to Jane

This 3 piece plum “Chaplin” sectional is a Jane Lockhart creation.    Richard is inviting you to relax on this sumptuous down filled quality Canadian made divan…if it’s still here when Jane arrives.

Chaplin Sectional by Jane Lockhart for Statum Design exclusively at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Jane Lockhart and her Colour Palette

The host of W networks’ “Colour  Confidential“,  author of “Room Recipes: Cooking up Style with Colour” and regular guest on HGTV and Cityline is coming to Glam Vintage & Moderne, Port Hope  2pm Saturday October 6th.

Jane will divulge her “down to earth” approach to colour and design and answer your design questions.

Richard will share the helm for 2 hours…but only for Jane.

Work your Pouffe

Ottoman from Jane Lockhart Collection at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Ottoman with Distressed Tray Topping

A large round tufted ottoman takes up a good portion of  a room’s square footage.  If you don’t have a vacuous living room you really don’t have the luxury of letting this gorgeous piece sit idle waiting for the next party. Sizeable trays are often used to provide that flat surface needed for drinks, bowls,  vases, and art objects.  Hopefully the tray’s rim conceals the all important clicker mechanism.

Another flat surface option is to use a heavy piece of glass cut smaller than the ottoman.  This clean treatment allows the sumptuous pouffe to take “centre stage” and objects, like the remote hidden in a pretty box, to take on a supporting role.

Ottoman with Octagonal Glass Top

Jane’s Barry Chair

Jane Lockhart’s Barry Chair at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This chair should be called “Anne’s chair” because I covet it as do about 90% of Glam’s clients who have popped in over the past week.  Richard chose this “Absolute Rain” fabric from Jane Lockhart’s collection and we were thrilled to see how the (Canadian) upholsterer meticulously matched the stripe.

This Barry chair sits beautifully. Its lovely low arms make it easy to gracefully grab your cocktail or nibbles from a nearby side table. And it’s comfortable yet firm enough to make a ladylike exit..

They’re Bringing CamelBack

Studded Camelback Sofa from Jane Lockhart Collection available in Port Hope exclusively at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I used to have one of these glorious camel back couches.  It was in a textured pastel pink fabric which looked amazing in my pink livingroom with bright white trim ( cutting edge 80’s decorating…ewww).   This fawn brown neutral covering is soothingly 2012 as is the gorgeous tack detailing.  The high leg on this couch helps maintains a spacious look that leaves dust bunnies nowhere to hide.

Exercise your Right to go “Armless”

Armless Chair from June Lockhart Collection

Armless Chair from the Jane Lockhart Collection available in Port Hope exclusively at Glam Vintage & Moderne

The armless chair makes great sense because of its flexibility.  Alone it makes a great boudoir chair or accent chair.but in a pair the possibilities grow.

Put an end table between them or conversely put them at each end of the table.  Armless head chairs are less cumbersome to navigate.

Side by side they create a loveseat.  Back to back they are 60’s retro groovy baby!

Armless Chairs Side by Side