Rainy Day Mood Enhancer

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne, Port Hope

Glam Vintage & Moderne’s store interior is truly eye-candy. Since it doesn’t look like we are going to be doing much patio lounging this summer, I suggest you familiarize yourself with this cozy indoor space.

Glam's Drapery, Cabinetry and Rugs

Glam’ Vintage & Moderne’s Drapery, Cabinetry and Rugs

Snuggle up on a sofa and chose from over 2000 fabrics for your new drapery, couch or chairs. Bring pictures and get a free in store consultation from Richard and meet the staff Catherine & Alissa.

glam staffAnd you thought you’d have to waste more time looking at on-line shoe sites again today.

Divine Insider Boxing Day Primer

Here’s the inside scoop on Glam’s Divine Boxing Event.  I’ll go through this item by item so you know what to focus on because most of the store is “on sale”

50% off all Christmas Decor and Clearance-  There are a few great decorations left but the centre table is sprinkled with some really great clearance stuff for next to nothing.

New Bedding and Bedskirt at Glam25% off in stock bedding- This high end quality line from Eastern Accents never goes on sale…you won’t see this again and Richard has some great in stock neutrals

20% off accessories – This would include those gorgeous aluminum bowls which make impressive wedding or anniversary gifts. Also lovely ceramic scent diffusers to make your home smell like a garden even if you own a large dog.  And of course the monkeyfist a stylish doorstop that works as a weapon in a pinch.

Diffusersmonkey fists

20% off custom furniture and window coverings and floor models. Here’s where you can save big.  All the custom stuff is never on sale at the same time so you can creat a custom room including sofa and drapery and save 20% on theWhite Leather Chair whole thing and or simply grab something off the floor.

Custom Blinds, Drapery & Sofa 1

Ceramic Yellow Lamp20% on all in stock light fixtures.  Richard just got loads of new lighting in and he’s got the mate for most the new lamps at the back.  Pendants and chandeliers are also inlcuded and they are all to die for.

15% on all area rugs including special orders.  The pricing is alreadyAmy Butler Chandra Rugs amazing on Glam’s selection of New Zealand wool area rugs.  You’ll be yelling “start the car” after the 15% off

10% off all reallite flameless candles.  As you know these are wonderful inside or out and will continue to be a bestseller throughout the summer. They will not harm you or your aging relatives, children or 4 legged friends.


Girls Just Wanna Be “Done”

I have been admiring these new industrial look pendants at Glam for the past couple of weeks.  My space..or should I say “our” space is a new build.  My partner the artisan/ builder/ envisioned a clean space…pot lights only…no obstructed views through our kitchen’s glass doors into the garden.  Just before he completed the ceiling…against his better judgement, he caved and put an outlet in the ceiling “just in case” we find a pendant might be appropriate in the future.

The pendant would hang above a stainless island surrounded by vintage bar stools.  This pendant actually has a lens in it so you don’t look up at a bare bulb. It comes with coordinating rods that cover the electrical cable.

It’s been a few years and my partner has “moved on”, by this I mean he’s very busy working on another space for us which I call “contemporary cottage cool”.  At times like this I wish I was not afraid of electricity and high ladders and also that I didn’t have to resort to writing this blog to nudge him into submission.

Ah pretty please….

Presumed Vintage

Vintage Styled Nickel Hurricane Lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne

The shape of these frosted glass hurricane lamps along with their weight belie “vintage”.  But the pristine nickel base and the dust-free electrical cord says “brand new”. These petite deco styled lamps work beautifully symmetrically on a console or a sideboard.

Another great “new” deco look is this double shaded lamp in frosted glass and chrome.

Art Deco Styled Chrome Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

There’s something comforting about plugging in a lamp that has gone through current electrical inspections and codes. We’ve all been faced with  a request to plug in a dodgy looking “antique” electrical cord.  I usually just say ” I can’t reach it, would you mind?”

Light my Wire

Wire Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This is not a reading lamp as the shade is too dark.  This is a fabulous accent lamp meant to highlight itself.  It “lights its wire” base and the table it’s sitting on.The taupe barrel shade works perfectly with the gun-metal base of woven wire spun in a clean cylinder.   The light reflects the sparkle of the antiqued mirror vintage side table below it and contrasts nicely with the subtle organic coral beside it.

Living in a loft space that is only 1200 sq feet is so frustrating when all you want to do is decorate more rooms and buy more stuff.  Like this wire lamp and the “to die for” colourful large canvases on tomorrow’s blog.

Ta da! Lighting.

Turn of the Century Floor Lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne

If this rare floor lamp could talk it would say “Ta Da” every time you turned it on.  It is gloriously tiered and 6 feet tall.  Decorators (i.e. Richard)  would say “the scale is fabulous”.

The turn of the century chrome finish and round bulbs sends it over the top.   If you like the sound of  “Ta da” you’ll be glad to hear that Glam has a pair.  Together they say………….“Da da da daaaa“!

Pair of 6 foot antique floor lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Lanterns: The Trio

Glam's Trilogy of Lanterns

I’ve blogged about one of these lanterns before but now that we’ve got  this vintage styled “trio” in various shapes and sizes I thought it was time for another look.

We’ve had a mild winter and spring so many of us have been in our gardens already planning  and even planting.  These lanterns are really an essential for patio or veranda decorating.  Make that outdoor room feel warm and inviting by “dangling” or “sitting” glowing lanterns strategically throughout.

Insert a pillar or battery operated candle and start the music.  Make guests forget that it is only April and a freak snowstorm is likely.