Turn Left at the Lights

Glam's Lighting Department

Glam's Lighting Department

Not only are Glam’s new digs sprinkled with “Vintage and Moderne” lamps but Richard has actually created a “lighting department” where pendants, chandeliers and table lamps can be admired and compared side by side.  Many of the table lamps have a mate in the back of the store for those of us who crave these in pairs.  If you don’t see what you want,  Glam can also source something that works for you. For those of you who can’t make up our mind on the spot, Richard might even let you take a light “on approval”…but only if you have an honest face and good credit.


Electric Organic

Charlie Lamp on Bronze Side Table

This chunky low “Charlie”  lamp works well on a high side table like this.  The intricate woven reed design contrasts against the clean round black drum shade with gold lining.  Oddly (ha ha) my photography is not doing this lamp justice so I’ve included a close-up.  Maybe you had better just come in and see it.

Spherically Seventies

Crystal Spherical Pendants

Now do I have your attention?  The largest one is about 20 inches in diameter and the smallest is 12 inches.  Use them anywhere you can appreciate the dramatic drop.  Picture these pendants adding sparkle to your foyer, dining room or kitchen island.  This might be the “chic” component you could use to juxtapose against your “shabby”.   Even hanging by itself the large one makes a huge impact statement.  Did somebody say “Get Down”?

Wonderful Windows

Compelling Christmas Window

Wonderful Christmas windows take us back to the captivating department store displays of our youth.  This white and silver themed windows glitter with vintage look Christmas baubles reflected in silvery mirrors and lamps.  Richard packs the GLAM window with an array of stunning sparkly decor to create an compelling explosion of light at night.

Globe Vintage

Maybe our store should be “Globe” Vintage & Moderne instead of “Glam” Vintage.

Armillary Wrapped Chandelier

The “globe” theme is huge in decor now.  In lighting, crystal chandeliers are being surrounded by huge steel armillary spheres and soft globe lights are overlayed with lines of latitude and longitude.  Warm a room with spinning globes on stands in various sizes and accent colours.

Vintage Globe Pendants - Kitchen by Glam Vintage & Moderne