Exercise your Right to go “Armless”

Armless Chair from June Lockhart Collection

Armless Chair from the Jane Lockhart Collection available in Port Hope exclusively at Glam Vintage & Moderne

The armless chair makes great sense because of its flexibility.  Alone it makes a great boudoir chair or accent chair.but in a pair the possibilities grow.

Put an end table between them or conversely put them at each end of the table.  Armless head chairs are less cumbersome to navigate.

Side by side they create a loveseat.  Back to back they are 60’s retro groovy baby!

Armless Chairs Side by Side

Recipe for a Sweet Neat Seat

Sylvie Loveseat

No adjustments are required when you’ve got only one bench style cushion on your loveseat or sofa.  I’m no neat freak but seating can look messy when seat cushions are out of alignment.  This comfy contemporary design melds the best of several different period looks to create a funky piece that could work almost anywhere. Take a classic camel back, flare the arms, lower the leg and voila…one sweet neat seat.  As they say in the South… “well butter my buns and call me a biscuit!”

Small is Beautiful

This cast away was brought back to life when Richard had it’s cushions re-stuffed, covered it in a taupe polyester twill and painted the wood with a co-ordinating taupe lacquer.  Proving once again that he can “see things as they can be”. This tidy little mid-century couch for two would slip comfortably into a traditional or contemporary decor.   .

Loveseat in Taupe Twill