Pack it Up!

Mid-Century Modern Trolley at Glam Vintage & Moderne

A Bauhaus modernist inspired collapsible cart is too nice to “pack up” and roll into a closet …but who would?   You’d want guests to see this gorgeous german  “industrial” design with rosewood laminate surfaces and maybe even get to select a drink or nibble from it.   A fully working cocktail trolley by night… park it next to a low slung lounge chair by day.

Tight for space ?  Use half the trolley to hold that drink, I mean lamp

Clang Clang Clang went the Trolley

Mid-Century Cocktail Trolley at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Nostalgic noises give us pause…like the bell of the sharpening wagon,  the music from the ice cream truck and the clinking of bottles on a cocktail trolley.  This wagon has 4 slots for bottles so they won’t clink and clang and a matching removable tray for smooth transference of those filled to the rim martinis.

This golden mid-century trolley would be fun to roll right out of the kitchen and onto the patio or veranda this summer.

It must be sunny and 4 o’clock somewhere?

Small is Beautiful

This cast away was brought back to life when Richard had it’s cushions re-stuffed, covered it in a taupe polyester twill and painted the wood with a co-ordinating taupe lacquer.  Proving once again that he can “see things as they can be”. This tidy little mid-century couch for two would slip comfortably into a traditional or contemporary decor.   .

Loveseat in Taupe Twill