The Wall of Mirrors

Wall of Mirrors at Glam

The Wall of Mirrors at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Having ticked off Versailles’ “Hall of Mirrors” on my bucket list of Wonders of the World of Decor, I was excited to see that Richard had created a “Wall of Mirrors”.

Mirror Selection at GlamSpring renewal has been taken seriously at Glam Vintage & Moderne.  This is just one of the many gorgeous new vignettes enabled by Glam’s recent reno.

Richard affixed a massive black antique chinoiserie screen to the wall to provide a dark and sexy contrast to the sparkling selection of mirrors.  The “wall of mirrors” is strategically placed just inside the front door to catch the light while you pause to reflect your image surrounded by beautiful things that could become yours.

Upon Reflection

Antiqued Mirror Tiled Mirror

Richard ordered this mirror for the store bathroom but substituted those great sectioned black framed octagonal mirrors (see “Go” in Style blog of April 6th ) when these went on back order.

The store bathroom is now being treated to more black accents which work beautifully.

Octagonal Mirrors in Glam's Bathroom

The “tardy” mirror has a metal taupe frame surrounding antiqued mirror tiles  contrasting against a clean inner mirror.

It would have highlighted the lustrous taupe design in the wallpaper.  Richard is now thinking about snapping these up for his own new condo…..the nerve!

Not Just a Full Length Mirror

Cheltenham Mirror

Cheltenham Mirror

Every home needs a full length mirror.  From college days  I fondly remember gazing into my vanity mirror standing on the edge of a bathtub trying to get a head-to-toe look at my entire ensemble.  We all know and abhor the clip up back of the door special available at all the big box stores.  Proudly  display  this gorgeous Cheltenham Mirror in any room in your traditional or contemporary digs.  It has a warm burnished stepped bevelled segmented frame that converts in from “just a full length mirror” to “wall art”.  It would sparkle at the end of a hallway, on a staircase landing, in your bedroom, bathroom or even in plain sight.

“Go” in Style

"Go" at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Typically Glam’s customers spend a long time in the store..drinking coffee, mulling over samples, decision-making can be a long process and one can drink a lot of coffee.  Richard loves to make his clients comfortable and in his new location he’s even better equipped to do so.  Richard chose this gorgeous “fusion” wallpaper from Joanne’s Prestigious Wallpaper collection carried exclusively in Port Hope by Glam. The cantilevered quartz topped vanity is perfectly matched with its tonality.  Also the metal mirrors echo the wallpaper’s patterning.

Lofty Brick Exposure

Glam's Exposed Brick

Glam Vintage and Moderne has settled in to the new store and everything “looks” fresh and new.  Granted Richard’s tasteful selection of art and “objets” is unparalleled in Port Hope…BUT…doesn’t this exposed brick wall just make it all look even better?

There are loads of spanking new decor items BUT many of his best-selling mirrors and wall decor look revitalized against this rustic look.

Exposed brick brings a loft vibe to the store…not to mention this amazing chic sectional (below)…I WANT IT ALL!

Glam's new Lofty Look