Teal Time

Teal Accessories at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I’ll tell you why it’s “teal time”.  Rich blue/green teal is “on trend” now AND it works in holiday decor.  It’s a bright pop that isn’t orange but looks great with it.  It’s green side has the hue of a shiny emerald.   Using teal in your decor creates a retro look from the 1950’s and 60’s when interior designers were mad for it.

Teal and Silver Ornaments at Glam Vintage & Moderne

After writing this blog this morning I subconsciously dressed myself entirely in teal from “neck” to toe.  Later I found this pic on the web and realized I hadn’t gone far enough.

Trees are Beautiful

Christmas Tree By Glam

The annual fundraiser called The Festival of Trees starts tomorrow.  Port Hope’s businesses sponsor and decorate these trees.  Visitors purchase raffle tickets to win their favourites and the lucky ones get to take their trees home Dec 20th.

Richard adorned Glam’s contribution with mirrored stars and snowflakes and juxtaposed them against natural (faux) pears and green apples. He and Jen painstakingly made wired satin and lame bows and a silk garland of ivy laden with opalescent glitter snow.   Somewhere in there you might even find a few glass balls.

Port Hope's Festival of Trees

The “Christmas Rush”

Buy Christmas Now!

Great Christmas bauble purchases can usually only be made in October and November.  When the real season is upon us and most of us start to get in the mood to buy the interesting vintage glass and mercury glass ornaments they are already gone to other fine homes.  Richard did this great “holiday” arrangement and surrounded it with bowls full of spectacular glass birds, brilliant snowflakes and sparkly pendant ornaments.  It is November 21st and the bowls are already half empty.  Even if you see them as half full they are undeniably going…going…gone.