Chain Reaction

Why would 1500 people in a small town pay to see inside a few houses during Port Hope’s annual house tour?  Granted, we are all a little nosey, but it’s not as if you’ll get free access to the owners diary or night side table.

What we really want to see is something different – a fresh take on some aspect of décor that you can “react to” and translate to your own residence.

Canvas on Chain LR

Richard Cadoret, proprietor of Glam Vintage & Moderne, Living Room Wall

Get the picture?  Thought you might.  This is Richard’s living room.  Firstly ceiling medallions are placed on the wall to add texture.  Secondly a canvas is “suspended” on fine chain to create yet another layer.  When hanging art seems impossible due to wall obstructions, chain makes this completely possible and dynamic.

canvas and medallions

For slower learners, below is another example of the use of chain to hang art in Richard’s bathroom.   No tiles were destroyed to mount this piece.  They are  left completely intact and only a couple of small screw holes go into the ceiling to suspend the chain to the picture.  This seems too easy doesn’t it?   Like why didn’t I think of that?  It’s an “ah ha!” moment, not unlike your first Velcro experience.  Think of the possibilities….

Art on Chain

Inside Richard’s Bathrooms

The Port Hope annual House Tour is tomorrow and tickets are sold out.  Proprietor of Glam Vintage & Moderne, Richard Cadoret, my bro, is on it.   I took these photos when he wasn’t looking so I could give you a sneak peak.

If you’ve priced good wallpaper lately, you know that it’s surprisingly unaffordable.  The key therefore is to use it in small spaces and get maximum bang for the buck.  See how Richard’s powder room (above) and main bath (below) went from ho-hum standard condo to Ta DA!  with a couple of double rolls.  Ok, he’s also chosen some fabulous vintage accessories, but the wallpaper was his inspiration.

Richard's Main Bath

Want to make a Deal?

Sidewalk Sale

Port Hope’s Sidewalk Sale July 19 & 20th 2013 (pic taken last year, even better  stuff this year)

True deal finders know that the early bird gets the “best stuff cheap”.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the first day of Port Hope’s annual sidewalk sale.  It’s on for Saturday too, but lets face it…the smart shoppers will show up Friday morning and “steal” the deals.  Glam’s got vintage treasures, furniture, lighting and discontinued drapery panels.


Glam Vintage & Moderne is also including the HST and regular priced merchandise.  So if you can’t get there for the serious bargains you can casually stroll through the store anytime on Friday or Saturday and save the tax…the price IS the price.

All this AND a perfect weather forecast.  Sounds like a perfect Friday for a day off. Start thinking about your exit strategy now…I heard stomach flu is going around.

If your Fanny Don’t Float

Readers Digest's Best Destination in Canada

Port Hope just voted Best Destination in Canada by Readers Digest

Spring Thaw in Port Hope

Spring Thaw on the Ganaraska River Port Hope Ontario

Of course you’ve all heard about Port Hope’s Float your Fanny (down the Ganny) races that take place every spring.   On Saturday April 6th 2013 the town takes on a festive atmosphere as crazy crafts tackle the icy frigid waters of the Ganny.

Why do they do it?  Why do they climb Everest?  Beats me but we’re glad to provide the warm inviting luxurious interior antithesis to this for creatures who enjoy comfort and are content to catch the races “later”.

Glam Window Spring 2013

Glam Vintage & Moderne’s Window Spring 2013

The Spirit of ChristmasTree Decorating 101

Glam Christmas Tree Close-up

Glam Vintage & Moderne’s Christmas Tree Decorations

1.  Start with one really great bauble/ornament inspiration piece:  In this case Richard loved the whimsical sparkly glass fish ornament.

2.  Purchase or scavenge other pieces using the same colours that are found in said inspiration piece.  Limiting oneself to the colours found in the whimsical fish…hot pink to fuchsia and gold helps keep you focused and may even keep you on budget.

3.  Place the clear white mini lights in an even distribution on all parts of the tree.  Always remember to just say “:no” to coloured lights.

4. Garlands are next.  Richard chose a sparkling flexible rope-like garland in both colours.  Note they are not placed in the contrived evenly spaced wavy rows of days gone by.

5.  Make your own bows like Richard did,  but we won’t go into this here.  There are too many “how to’s” on the internet on this subject already.

6.  Place various sized glittering balls and ornaments sporadically on tree.

7.  Give the tree to Charity.  The Festival of Trees starts tonight at the Capitol Theatre is Port Hope.  You can bid on Richard’s tree during the next few weeks.  All the money raised goes to Charity.

Glam Christmas Tree 2012

Christmas Tree Designed by Glam Vintage & Moderne

Meet Jane At GLAM

Jane Lockhart Interior Designer

Join us at  GLAM Vintage & Moderne on            Saturday, October 6, 2012  2 – 4 pm

        share the afternoon with

               Jane Lockhart

Interior Designer & host of W Network’s Colour Confidential

And if that’s not enough…YOU COULD WIN a gorgeous Downey Chair (in a woven terra cotta fabric with tack detailing) provided by Statum Designs, the Canadian manufacturer of Jane Lockhart’s furniture line.

Downey Chair by Jane Lockhart for Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Assuming we can eliminate fishing, where else could you have this much fun, receive expert advice and win something big in Port Hope for free?  See you at Glam Vintage & Moderne, 48 Walton St., Port Hope, Ontario

Top 5 Reasons to Come to Port Hope this Weekend

1. The Port Hope annual house tour is on Saturday and tickets are still available.  This is your annual chance to see inside great houses without actually having to befriend the occupants.

2.  Glam Vintage & Moderne’s touches are evident in some of the homes.  Experience  Richard’s influence in some real living spaces then come to his store and explore the possibilities.

3.  Even if you don’t buy tickets, amazing weather will make a walking tour of Port Hope even more enjoyable.  Wander down some of the older streets and gawk at amazing pre-confederation architecture.  Watch the fisherman on the Ganaraska River.  Walk the Waterfront Trail .

4. Treat yourself to lunch, drink(s) or cappuccino outside on a patio.

This is actually a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Port Hope’s patio’s are really nice too, but since Richard was consulted on some of Port Hope’s restaurants’ interiors…he didn’t want to appear biased.

5.  Shop Ontario’s best stocked and “best preserved main street”.