The Drapery Rulebook

Drapery from the Urban

Drapery Panels available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

When is drapery required?  Furthermore is a blind also necessary? Should I “just say no to sheers”?  What fabric should the drapes be?

Drapery Fabrics

What header and hanging option would create the right mood for my room?

Tab back Hanging Option

Tab Back Hanging Option

Reverse Pleat Header

Reverse Pleat Header Option

Should the drapes brush the floor or pool to form a puddle?

After mastering this lingo the really difficult decisions need to be made and there is no rulebook.  And to think we haven’t even touched the subject of drapery hardware (that’s a whole other blog)!

Because of the many variables it’s a lot easier to start by looking at pret et porter (ready-made) drapery panels.  Richard is now representing 6 different suppliers and 3 create their panels in local Canadian workshops.  If you take some pics of your window and the room surrounding the window (i.e. put the window in context), Richard  will be glad to point you in the right direction and you’ll enjoy the trip.

After all, why learn a new lexicon now when you should be focusing on more important languages like the Italian you’ll need when you get that Tuscan villa?