What Men Want

Fathers Day is tomorrow and many of us are still searching for that perfect present…the one that shows how much you care because you hit the nail right on the head.  Many of us think power tools are the answer.  Others say it with a bottle of booze or cologne.  I’m with Maslow, I think what most men really want are to have their basic needs fulfilled.  Among these needs are breathing, food, water, sex and sleep.   To most men breathing comes naturally and a BBQ is imminent.

Battery Operated Candles

Reallite Battery Operated Candles at Glam Vintage & Moderne

To ensure ALL of your Dad’s or husband’s basic needs are met,  how about a  little mood inducing worry-free candlelight?

Bedding at Glam Spring 13

Upholstered Headboard and Bradshaw Bedding at Glam Vintage & Moderne


Richard and niece Charosomewhere to catch a few Z’s after the BBQ?


Put some Spring in your Things

Spring is the Thing

Spring things available at Glam Vintage & Moderne, Port Hope

Northerners love the change of seasons…particularily the one that takes us out of winter.

With a little sunshine and a slight hike in temperature we are easily encouraged to think the worst is over and that “spring is here”.

Richard’s store reflects this optimism. In his fresh and silk floral arrangement he has repeated the colour palette and shapes from the hand painted reproduction of Quebec artist  Patrick St. Germain’s wall canvas in the background.  Richard then flanked his floral with reallite battery operated candles in spring green and  a few classic Grecian matt white ceramic urns.

Creating a sunny vignette like this in your home at this time of year can keep your spirits up without  the aid of cocktails even with a lousy weather forecast.  After this weekend Port Hope’s weather returns to near freezing temperatures, cloudy with a chance of flurries for most of the following week.  There must be some mistake…the groundhogs said this wouldn’t happen.

Winter Window on Walton

Winter on Walton Street

Richard has created his winter window and Glam Vintage & Moderne is decorated for the holidays.

The glittering gold and silver of  Richard’s arrangement “is” (or should I say was*) carried through the window with burnished gold side tables and a decorative platter.  The huge stylized baroque mirror reflects the pre-confederation architecture of Walton Street. Reallite battery operated candles and an electric crystal globe also add warmth and sparkle to the vignette.

Glam Vintage & Moderne Winter Window

Richard re-ordered another pair of those gorgeous Hollywood Regency off white leather lobby chairs and placed one in the window and one in the store for “test” sitting.

*As I predicted in the previous blog, Richard’s winter arrangement is now residing on a client’s foyer table so he’s busy creating another one.  (Sometimes my psychic abilities positively scare me.)

Glam Makes Life “Beautiful, Good and Affordable”

Mantelscape by Richard a.k.a. Glam Vintage & Moderne

Karen Williams Host of “Life is Good” with Richard

The local cable program called “Life is Good” just taped a segment with Richard showing off his Christmas crafting skills. Host Karen Williams bantered with Richard as he pilfered pine boughs from his client’s backyard, shopped a discount store for cheap sparkly accents and created a masterpiece front door swag wreath combination and “mantelscape”.

The mantelscape is created using Glam’s glowing “reallite” battery operated candles which also add height to the arrangement.  A lustrous mercury glass jar adds even more shine and warmth.

Holiday Mantelscape by Richard from Glam Vintage & Moderne

Campaign and Candlelight

Reallite Candles and Objets at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Vintage Campaign Table at Glam Vintage & Modern

As the days get shorter I’m trying to resist buying summer sale items that might not work next year.  Instead I will focus on transitional items that move from season to season…exterior to interior.  The “Reallite” battery operated candles look great on your patio or on your “campaign occasional table”.  Placing these in a gorgeous lantern or hurricane further adds to their authenticity.  And these items work in or out.  Inside, this cluster of glistening candles, pheasants and bookends accentuates the mahogany inlay tabletop.

At 25 inches high and a generous 35 inches long it is perfect for sharing candlelight, food and “clinks”.  I smell fall and I’m trying to make the most of it.