Would Gatsby Buy it?

Great Gatsby Party

Great Gatsby Party

Fashion and furnishing trends this season are decidedly 1920’s.  The litmus test seems to be “Would Gatsby Buy It’?  The glamourous 20’s were all about ostentatious glimmer.  Nick Carroway (Gatsby’s confidant) lived in a $80 a month cottage next to Gatsby’s $15000 a season mansion but got to run with the glitzy and ditzy  “in” crowd.

Retro Styled Bar Cabinet

Handcrafted Scalloped Wood Retro Styled Bar Cabinet at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Retro Styled Cocktail Table

Retro Styled Cocktail Table with Black Mirrored Surfaces at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Take a page from Nick Carroway.  These new shimmering retro styled pieces will let you party with the style of Gatsby,  without having to become part of Long Island’s decadent social gentry and risk getting shot or run over.

Gatsby & Daisy


Stiletto Nestings

Laquered Nesting Tables

Sexy Modern Lacquered Nesting Tables at Glam Vintage & Moderne


Sleek, sophisticated retro on sexy tapered legs give these tables the generous height not usually associated with “nestings”.  Jazz your entry hall or your living room by using them together or apart as a sides ,consoles or both.  At  27 and 31 inches high you can make them work anywhere.

These hot contemporary tables are finished with piano black lacquer “you can see your face in”.  Caution to anyone “over 40″…divert your gaze from the reflection when you bend over to dust them.

Teal Time

Teal Accessories at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I’ll tell you why it’s “teal time”.  Rich blue/green teal is “on trend” now AND it works in holiday decor.  It’s a bright pop that isn’t orange but looks great with it.  It’s green side has the hue of a shiny emerald.   Using teal in your decor creates a retro look from the 1950’s and 60’s when interior designers were mad for it.

Teal and Silver Ornaments at Glam Vintage & Moderne

After writing this blog this morning I subconsciously dressed myself entirely in teal from “neck” to toe.  Later I found this pic on the web and realized I hadn’t gone far enough.

Retro Cool Coffee Table

Retro Smoked Glass Coffee Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne Port Hope

Something about smoked glass says made in the “70’s”.  This one is new but it sure gives a nod to the days of yore with clubs like Studio 54 in New York and Electric Circus in Toronto.  Too young to actually truly enjoy this period from the inside, Richard and I were content to hang out in the stairwell of a club and listen for blasts of disco music and catch glimpses of hipsters.

Now we can capture a little of this retro cool look in our own homes.  That’s good because I don’t think Richard will be taking a trip to “Funkytown” anytime soon.

Pendant Task Lighting is Beautiful

Trestle Light Fixture
Industrial Style Milk Glass & Brushed Nickel Pendants

This vintage style trestle lighting fixture in bronze provides efficient task lighting engendering a sense of history to a standard condo build.

Richard often uses reproduction industrial pendants in new builds and renos to add interest, character and eclecticism.