Sliding Sideboard

Antique Walnut Sideboard at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Antique Walnut Sideboard at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Most sideboards command attention.  Usually they are very large, counter height and obtrusive.  This one is small but its’ craftsmanship won’t let it go unnoticed.  It’s got gorgeous walnut wood grain, egg and dart trim and original brass hardware.  It would make a nice hall entry piece as it is only 40 inches in length and 18 inches deep.

Walnut Sideboard Its’ interior could hold hats and scarves but is high enough to store everyday essentials like liquor and long-stemmed glassware.

Walnut Sideboard's Storage

And it’s on wheels which is very handy for us weaklings with a penchant for rearranging furniture with a partner who’s sick of doing it.

(All I want is a) Console for Christmas

Sawhorse Console with Reclaimed Marble Top

Because consoles are long a narrow and generally don’t provide storage underneath,  they are often used for display of objects d’art, florals or a pair of tall lamps.  Great in entrance halls, behind sofas and  even as a sideboard in a dining room.   Richard picked the vintage 42″ X 18″, 1930’s piece below up at auction.  At right,   Richard demonstrates how to use the console he designed as a sideboard.

Vintage 1930's Wrought Iron Console

Here’s to the “Server”!

Oak Sideboard is Ready to Serve

Over the holiday season remember “the server” is not you – it is that piece of furniture you’ve placed in your dining room also known as “the sideboard”.   Adding a countertop space like this and actually using it can cut down on time spent catering to guests.  If you are fussy about presentation and plating the food yourself do that…put the extra on the sideboard and let guests help themselves while you relax over that well deserved bottle of wine.( Hint –  store extra bottles in the bottom of the sideboard.)