Lean in…deals…July 18th & 19th at Glam


sidewalk sale signWhen Port Hope’s summer sale took place on the  closed “street”, they called it the  “Summer Sidewalk Sale”. Since it’s actually on the “sidewalk” this year,  it follows that the “real deals” will be lurking inside the stores.

The important thing to note is that Glam Vintage & Moderne has up to 50% off on lots of great home decor and …”lean in”…it’s not seasonal stuff. There are discontinued draperies and vintage and modern art that can adorn your interior space at any time of the year.

Original Watercolour on Sale at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Original Watercolour on Sale at Glam Vintage & Moderne


One more thing.  “Lean in“…

arrive early, Glam doesn’t have multiples of anything.  When the deals are gone you’ll have to wait until Boxing Day for this much fun.



Sidewalk Shopping 101

Most people (especially women) don’t think they require a course in shopping but I beg to differ.  Please pay attention to this sage advice as I started in retail a long long time ago… when people actually looked at clocks to determine “the time”.

sidewalk-sale-saint-laurent1) Most retailers buy discounted merchandise FOR the sale. This stuff never saw the inside of the store it’s sitting in front of.  It is being unloaded and the price you are paying is all that it’s worth.  You can tell this is what happened when you see a load of one particular item… run don’t walk.

2) The significant savings are on the “one offs” or even say “few of”.  These are the items that retailers might not want anymore because they don’t work with their new purchases or simply to clear floorspace for the new season’s version of the item.

Whistler Ottoman Bed

Whistler Ottoman Bed still available 55% off at Glam Vintage & Moderne

3)  Step inside the retailers door for the best deals.  Quite often the sale continues throughout the store and precious and larger items with significant discounts which are often too cumbersome to move are all but ignored by the shopper who picks through piles of identical items on the sidewalk.

Lady's Writing Desk

Vintage Writing Laptop Desk still available at 60% off at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Here are a some of the real deals missed by the shoppers who have not graduated from this course.

Striped Accent Chair 50% off at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Striped Accent Chair 50% off still available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Want to make a Deal?

Sidewalk Sale

Port Hope’s Sidewalk Sale July 19 & 20th 2013 (pic taken last year, even better  stuff this year)

True deal finders know that the early bird gets the “best stuff cheap”.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the first day of Port Hope’s annual sidewalk sale.  It’s on for Saturday too, but lets face it…the smart shoppers will show up Friday morning and “steal” the deals.  Glam’s got vintage treasures, furniture, lighting and discontinued drapery panels.


Glam Vintage & Moderne is also including the HST and regular priced merchandise.  So if you can’t get there for the serious bargains you can casually stroll through the store anytime on Friday or Saturday and save the tax…the price IS the price.

All this AND a perfect weather forecast.  Sounds like a perfect Friday for a day off. Start thinking about your exit strategy now…I heard stomach flu is going around.

Taking it To the Street

Port Hope is enjoying its annual sidewalk sale and Glam Vintage and Moderne is making it all worthwhile.  There are lots of in store reductions too…because we all know Richard gets bored very easily and doesn’t like to look at the same furniture and accessories for too long.

For the DIY people there are some great vintage frames for  only $10 .  Gardeners should grab the galvanized pots and vases and french wire baskets for next to nothing.  There are sets of vintage chairs, a pair of antique lamps and a couple of sweet desks all at least 50% off.

This sale runs until tomorrow if there is anything left.

Come quick before Richard snaps out of it!