Must have Stuff

Most of us have tried to pare down, declutter, streamline, and generally simplify our decor at some point.  With the past trend to a cleaner contemporary look most of us tried to live with just the essentials.  I did this for about a week once.  The nasty mood I developed from maintaining gleaming sideboards and desks devoid of stuff simply wasn’t worth it for esthetics (or lack thereof).  So you won’t find a flat service at my house without a carefully planned tablescape on top chock full of “must have” (otherwise useless) stuff.  Pictured here are two of my favourites for desks.


The “Christmas Rush”

Buy Christmas Now!

Great Christmas bauble purchases can usually only be made in October and November.  When the real season is upon us and most of us start to get in the mood to buy the interesting vintage glass and mercury glass ornaments they are already gone to other fine homes.  Richard did this great “holiday” arrangement and surrounded it with bowls full of spectacular glass birds, brilliant snowflakes and sparkly pendant ornaments.  It is November 21st and the bowls are already half empty.  Even if you see them as half full they are undeniably going…going…gone.

Pheasants & Balls………………..the autumnal tablescape

We all know about creating tablescapes using objets d’art of various heights etc.  What people often don’t realize it that some decor is “seasonal” and should be switched as seasons change.  Pussywillows and forsythia have no business on your tablescape in October.  Pheasants & balls bring in the rustic feel of autumn and will work right through the holiday season ahead.

Cast Iron Pheasants