Ready, Set, Christmas

Glam Vintage & Moderne's entry for The Festival of Trees

Glam Vintage & Moderne’s entry for The Festival of Trees

The Port Hope Festival of Trees starts this Friday, which conveniently takes place:

a) after this recent snow dump has cleared b) on the same night as The Candlelight Walk and LIghting of Memorial Park and c) on the same night as Moonlight Madness.

Festival of Trees 2013

This is a night where you can kickstart your Christmas.  In the afternoon visit the Capitol Theatre and enter a draw for your favourite of the 80 trees .  Glam’s tree is the one without a single bare spot.  It is fully laden with berries, bows, balls and feathers in warm tones of gold and peach.  It is DONE…I mean totally!

Glam Tree Ornaments 2013

Have a little dinner at one of Port Hope’s great restos then at 7pm warm your heart by watching the traditional Candlelight Walk to the lighting ceremony in Memorial Park.

Finally snap out of the glow and  “START YOUR SHOPPING”.  Most of the retailers will provide discounts “Friday night only” so take advantage of their generosity and get your list ticked off locally at reduced prices.  Call some friends and make a date for this special night out.

port hope santa claus parade

Better still,  invite them to stay over.  Nothing takes the edge off like the sights and sounds of the following day’s whimsical Port Hope Santa Claus parade coupled with a Tylenol extra strength.

Pa rump a pum pum.


Upcycled Fir

Reclaimed fir side table

Reclaimed Fir Side Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

What says Christmas louder than a fir tree?  How about a pedestal table made from “reclaimed fir”?

There are 2 sides to the Christmas tree debate.  Some feel “it’s green” to  have a fake tree because no trees were destroyed and you can use the same tree year after year.  The downside is that it will ultimately end up in landfill unless you retain it until it’s vintage and worth something ( har har).

The “truly green” support the fir growers and buy a real fresh fir tree that eventually decomposes or used in the building industry.

The ” OMG I’m so green” may opt out of the fir tree and opt for a gorgeous “reclaimed vintage fir” side table and place a classic festive faux arrangement (which can be stored into perpetuity) upon it… like this.

christmas arrangement

Christmas Arrangement by Glam Vintage & Moderne