The “Almost Spring” Secret Garden

Glam Almost Spring Window & SignI love Richard’s “almost spring” window. I think he’s captured that purgatorial feeling of floating somewhere between the end of a long winter and the promise of renewal.

The trellised vignette which “oddly” shows snow on the ground with an overhanging magnolia branch captures interest by the surprising placement of indoor antique chairs in an outdoor scene.

It’s feels like a romantic glimpse into someone else’s secret garden when they’re not home.

Glam Almost Spring Window jpg

The “Almost Spring Window” at Glam Vintage & Moderne, Port Hope

The pair of “turn-of-the-century” chairs are original right down to their slightly distressed lacquer and velvet damask upholstery.  The metal vintage styled lantern and modern studded console keep the simple lines flowing in this ethereal space.


Ta da! Lighting.

Turn of the Century Floor Lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne

If this rare floor lamp could talk it would say “Ta Da” every time you turned it on.  It is gloriously tiered and 6 feet tall.  Decorators (i.e. Richard)  would say “the scale is fabulous”.

The turn of the century chrome finish and round bulbs sends it over the top.   If you like the sound of  “Ta da” you’ll be glad to hear that Glam has a pair.  Together they say………….“Da da da daaaa“!

Pair of 6 foot antique floor lamps at Glam Vintage & Moderne