Glammed up Storage

Vintage Storage Cabinet reworked by Glam Vintage & Moderne

Vintage Storage Cabinet reworked by Glam Vintage & Moderne

You’ve probably seen pictures recently of IKEA items that are modified, repurposed and or customized.  There are loads of great examples of this process fondly known as “IKEA Hacking”.  When I was trying to think of a name for what Richard does to pieces he finds at auctions and estate sales somehow I didn’t think “hacking” was appropriate.  So from now on I’ll refer to pieces Richard has upcycled or modified as “Glammed Up” or simply “Glammed”.

Richard “glammed” this vintage china cabinet by having it painted in a satin black.  He retained the original hardware but replaced the clear glass with sparkling antiqued mirror including the funky side panels. Now that you can’t see inside you can load the shelving in the upper and lower extremities with your everyday not so pretty dishes and fill drawers with junk that you can’t throw out.


Upcycling Defined

Milk Bottle Chandelier

Here’s a chandelier that works on so many levels.  Firstly it’s made from recycled bottles and steel.  Secondly it utilizes small vintage milk bottles (the kind you never had at home because your mother bought jugs).  Lastly it’s a clean contemporary design by Netherlands designer Bonne Plat. A simple bulb hangs in the middle and refracts light from the glass.

Great in your modern, industrial or mid-century decor.

Milk Bottle Chandelier at Glam Vintage & Moderne