What Men Want

Fathers Day is tomorrow and many of us are still searching for that perfect present…the one that shows how much you care because you hit the nail right on the head.  Many of us think power tools are the answer.  Others say it with a bottle of booze or cologne.  I’m with Maslow, I think what most men really want are to have their basic needs fulfilled.  Among these needs are breathing, food, water, sex and sleep.   To most men breathing comes naturally and a BBQ is imminent.

Battery Operated Candles

Reallite Battery Operated Candles at Glam Vintage & Moderne

To ensure ALL of your Dad’s or husband’s basic needs are met,  how about a  little mood inducing worry-free candlelight?

Bedding at Glam Spring 13

Upholstered Headboard and Bradshaw Bedding at Glam Vintage & Moderne


Richard and niece Charosomewhere to catch a few Z’s after the BBQ?

Just say no to Bedskirts

Upholstered Headboard and Bed frame on Sale at Glam

Remember the dust ruffle also known as the bedskirt?  How can we forget our painstaking efforts to hide the box spring?  Most of these 3 sided goofy bedskirts don’t even fit properly. Trying to maintain a clean look can be challenging with wrinkly fabric billowing out below your bedspread or duvet.

An upholstered bed frame with matching headboard eliminates this unsightly mess.  Making a tidy bed is as easy as straightening your bedspread and fluffing your accent pillows. Most men can even do it.

The Finn Bedframe & Headboard

Finn Bed frame available at Glam

For Half Price you get Half a Headboard

All upholstered headboards are not created equal.  At higher price points most of us comparison shop…even me.  I was startled to find one that was half the price of what Glam Vintage & Moderne offers.  On closer investigation I realized that it seemed much lower in height.  With today’s higher box springs and pillow top mattresses I need a minimum height of 54″ (Glam has 54, 60 & 73 inch heights) and the lower price one is a strip that is mounted to the wall just above the mattress. Quality headboards are about 3 inches thick and upholstered on both sides so they can be bolted to the bed frame or wall mounted.  Discount headboards have upholstered fronts and are really just flimsy wall mounted panels. Furthermore, details created with tacks, button tufting and piping are generally not prevalent in the discount variety.  Buyer Beware…..

In the New Year, I resolve to…..

1) Buy the Whistler Ottoman that a single bed pulls out of,  so (tipsy) girlfriends can sleep over  2) Buy a new king sized bed with upholstered headboard because I discovered that it’s nice to have a little space between me & mine when trying to sleep 3) Custom order some privacy blinds so neighbours can’t see what a good time we are having in my house.

50% off…now I’m excited

Boxing Day discounts generally don’t get me too excited.  Generally the sale stuff is leftover Christmas that I don’t have room to pack away for next year.  15% and 20% off gives me some incentive but 50% has me teetering on grabbing stuff I don’t even need.  Here are a few examples of the real deals:

Headboard…the new misnomer

Headboard Selection at Glam

Upholstered headboards take the “board” out of headboard.  I can hardly believe in recent years we sacrificed the comfort of cushioned upholstery for cold hard wrought iron or worse and even more crass –  “brass”.  The new headboard works in any decor, comes in various heights and shapes and is available with or without button tufting or tacks.  Thousands of fabrics are available, though linen neutrals are popular. A little advice –  Opt out of the footboard.  This uncluttered look saves money and allows for a clear view of the TV.     ……………………………………………. Serenity now…………………

Curved Upholstered Headboard with Tack & Tufts