Coral is the new Pink

Wing Chair at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Vintage Modified Wing Chair in fresh Tapestry with Coral Pouf at Glam Vintage & Moderne

In the 70’s standard décor colours were dusty rose and teal green.  If you were edgy in the 80’s you painted your living room walls in light pink instead of builder’s beige.  Also light peach was a popular shade for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Thank God we are out of that century.

Now coral, salmon and hot pink, the stronger warmer sides of pink, are on trend.  This I can live with.

Afterglow by Tad Moyseowicz

Coral & Hot Pink Afterglow photograph by Tad Moyseowicz

Queen Anne Chair covered in Salmon Aztec fabric at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Vintage Queen Anne Chair covered in Salmon Aztec fabric at Glam Vintage & Moderne

For some reason I relish the return to old fashion…I’d wear high wasted pants, bell bottoms and even shoulder pads again…but my stomach turns when I think about actually working teal green or peach into my décor anytime soon.

Can’t Touch This!

Original Deco Chair at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This original deco chair bought at auction is in great shape.  The fabric is colourful period, the wood has a gorgeous warm maple hue  and this chair even sits nicely.

It’s the rare occasion where Richard has decided not to paint, re-upholster or otherwise alter a period piece in any way.

Somebody needs to buy this before the real Richard shows up and has his way with it..

From a Thorn to a Rose

Here’s proof that the thorn can become a rose and a sow’s ear can be turned to a silk purse after all.  Glam Vintage & Moderne bought 4 of these seemingly boring walnut chairs with caning.  Even I knew the old seat cushions would have to go.

So with a couple of different clients in mind,  Richard (proprietor/decorator/brother) thought he’d break them up into 2 pairs and  re-invent them 2 ways.  Inspired by Para’s Colour Trends for 2012, he chose  a red called “Hottie” for one set and creamy “Hoola Hoop” for the other.  The seat cushions and backs were recovered in Joanne’s embossed Winslow and Maxwell’s diamond Lafayette respectively.

In the store, the “Hottie” chairs hogged most of the  customer attention but the stately neutrality of the “Hoola Hoop”  chairs sold their way out of the door first.

Just got a similar vintage chair in.  Richard is thinking of refreshing it in Para’s yellow-green aptly named “By George You’ve Got it” and adding a funky patterned coordinating custom seat cushion.  I think a punch of summer citrus would be just right.

“By George You’ve Got It”

and “By George” here’s proof that we do!

Duncan Fife for Condo or Cavern

Duncan Fife for EntryThis is the ideal table for those of you with that cavernous entry hall that commands a gorgeous round table resplendent with towering fresh florals or over the top objets d’art. …OR

Table for 4…perfect for small spaces. This one is vintage cherry wood with inlaid border trim.  Richard happened to have the perfect little pair of vintage chairs to match. That huge dining area needs to go when living in reduced square footage.  Besides aren’t buffets just a lot easier?

Duncan Fife

Duncan Fife Dining Table

Vintage Chairs “Take Two”

Vintage Cane Panelled Chairs

Another pair of Richard’s finds.  He put his spin on these chairs by having them laquered then re-upholstered in this wonderfully wide neutral stripe.

The elegant low cane panelled arms allow them to be used as head chairs at a dining table.  In my house, I’d put a sweet little cocktail table between them, call a girlfriend, put on an Eagles DVD and call this front row seating.

Before and After Richard

Occasional Chairs "After" Richard

Making life beautiful comes easily to Richard.  Yesterday’s blog featured just one of his interpretations of these cane and hardwood occasional chairs.  Here’s another one for those who favour the subtle elegance of velvet tufted satine (over pomegranate…which of course will be mine).

Occasional Chair "Before" Richard

Laptop Required Here

Vintage Desk, Chair and Lamp

What a sweet place to rest your laptop or IPad at the end of a day.  Richard had this cute vintage desk sprayed with black melamine paint for that subtle satin finish.  We’ve paired it with an antique lacquered chair for this pic but something cushiony soft with an upholstered back might be better at the end of your day.   It will keep you from plopping your laptop on your bed ( known fire hazard) so you can sleep with the one you truly love.

Neutral in Green Velvet


Neutral in Green Velvet

Vintage Green Velvet Chair

Where would this chair not look fabulous?  Richard picked it up at auction so it’s history is unknown.  I would say some of the best derriers east of Toronto may have been fortunate enough to spend some time in it.  It’s worn pickled oak combined with fresh leaf green velvet  would look great with a small side table in a hall, living room or bedroom….or in my house.