Richard’s Retail Woes

Glam Vintage & Moderne Store Window August 2013

Glam Vintage & Moderne Store Window August 2013

As a former retailer I can attest to the common annoyances shared by most retailers.  From the dripping ice cream to the customers labelled “bebacks” because they promise they’ll come back later.  And the gaggle of girls (women) who actually walk through the store never seeing anything (including the retailer) because they are busy catching up on old times and planning dinner.

Demi lune table is the star attraction at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Demi lune table WAS the star attraction at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Most retailers feature things in the store window that they want to sell.  It is evident that my bro Richard plans his seasonal windows with great care.  For instance for this Coney Island themed summer window Richard painstakingly dyed cotton  (and his fingers) pink to create cotton candy.  He purchased lattice to mimic the old wooden rollercoaster and dumped bags of sand into the window. At the centre he featured a unique Rococo console.  So when a customer actually purchased said console, Richard grudgingly replaced it with a deco piece which was not part of the original vision.  REALLY?? LOL!!!    I should have had such problems!

Maple Dressers

Maple Dressers no longer available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

On the other hand he did just call me to tell me he just sold this sweet pair of dressers.  American made quality maple crackle finish.  Gorgeous.  I took pics from every angle to show the amazing workmanship of these pieces.  I almost had the blog finished…