Only the Beginning

Winter is almost over and the holiday season is definitely over including year-end inventory clearances.  Glam is bringing in loads of exciting new and (new to Glam) vintage furniture and decor.  If you have not been in lately maybe this pic will entice you.

Glam Vintage & Moderne Feb 2013

Introducing Glam Vintage & Moderne’s new season

In this snap you’ll see a fresh tufted bench seat sofa with a new curvey cabriolet coffee table and a sweet aluminum skinned contemporary cabinet with an eye-popping Margaret Glew abstract behind it.  Richard has been at auctions, estate sales, galleries and gift shows.  And you thought he was off somewhere getting a tan…

This is “only the beginning, only just the start”.  Time to come out of hibernation and start foraging.


Inventory Intervention

Inside Glam Jan 2013

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne

Like all homeowners, retailers must take a hard objective look at their inventory of furniture and objects d’art too.  If it’s been around too long customers know it.  Before the new season’s merchandise is unveiled to customers an “inventory intervention’ must be performed.  This is where Richard must admit that his buying instincts are not always infallible. Despite the merits of the pieces he’s selected, he must let them go at rock bottom prices to make room for the next season’s vintage and modern finds.  There are few things in Glam Vintage & Moderne that I would not put in my house if I had the room AND most of them are on sale now!

Inside Glam at the Markdown table

Markdown Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

So if you detoxed your space and you found that you need furniture or art or if someone you know needs an amazing gift, you might want to get it now while Richard is still feeling generous.

I’ve had a peak at some of the new (to Glam) vintage finds and OMG!  But the big reveal is a couple of weeks away and Richard NEEDS to make space. Let’s call him a motivated seller.

Inside Glam Jan 2013 take 2

Furniture and Gifts on Sale at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Taking it To the Street

Port Hope is enjoying its annual sidewalk sale and Glam Vintage and Moderne is making it all worthwhile.  There are lots of in store reductions too…because we all know Richard gets bored very easily and doesn’t like to look at the same furniture and accessories for too long.

For the DIY people there are some great vintage frames for  only $10 .  Gardeners should grab the galvanized pots and vases and french wire baskets for next to nothing.  There are sets of vintage chairs, a pair of antique lamps and a couple of sweet desks all at least 50% off.

This sale runs until tomorrow if there is anything left.

Come quick before Richard snaps out of it!

Duncan Fife for Condo or Cavern

Duncan Fife for EntryThis is the ideal table for those of you with that cavernous entry hall that commands a gorgeous round table resplendent with towering fresh florals or over the top objets d’art. …OR

Table for 4…perfect for small spaces. This one is vintage cherry wood with inlaid border trim.  Richard happened to have the perfect little pair of vintage chairs to match. That huge dining area needs to go when living in reduced square footage.  Besides aren’t buffets just a lot easier?

Duncan Fife

Duncan Fife Dining Table

Richard the “Leg Man”

Vintage Side Table

Richard purchased this trilogy of tables at auction because of their distinctive legs.  The large round ball atop the tapered leg gives these vintage pieces a quirky modern twist that he just couldn’t resist.  Refinishing them in a subtle black melamine paint also gave them an clean 2012 appeal.

He’s selling them individually but I’d be inclined to purchase all 3.  The coffee table in my living room, the demi-lune my hall, and the side table next to my new sofa.

Vintage Demi-Lune

Vintage Round Coffee Table

Ordering one Cabinet with 2 Sides

Mirrored Cabinet & Vintage Sides

Richard had these vintage side chairs recovered in an antique fabric he was keeping for just the right piece(s).  It’s amazing to see the way the hand painted pattern on the newer mirrored cabinet mimics the organic pattern on the vintage chair fabric.  The glow of the cabinet itself would be a warm addition in any room and fortunately it is not just a work of art as it has excellent storage capacity.  Imagine all the hideous junk you could secrete inside those drawers and doors… let’s see bright yellow phone book I never use…bills I’m not ready to open…wedding album from first marriage….

50% off…now I’m excited

Boxing Day discounts generally don’t get me too excited.  Generally the sale stuff is leftover Christmas that I don’t have room to pack away for next year.  15% and 20% off gives me some incentive but 50% has me teetering on grabbing stuff I don’t even need.  Here are a few examples of the real deals: