A Chair is Still a Chair

Comfy Dining Chairs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Comfy Dining Chairs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

“A chair is still a chair” even though Richard will only sell them by the pair.  He brought four of these comfy neutral dining chairs in.  Two can be used flanking a cocktail table or all four could be placed around a dining table.

Dining Chairs with Vintage Maple Cocktail Table At Glam Vintage & Moderne

Dining Chairs with Vintage Maple Cocktail Table At Glam Vintage & Moderne

The clean fabric will work in any decor and begs to be accessorized with eye-popping throw cushions. At a large dining table they would group well with lead chairs in a bright shade or busy pattern.

All I know is that “a house is not a home” without a comfy place to sit while you are  imbibing there.


Upcycled Fir

Reclaimed fir side table

Reclaimed Fir Side Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

What says Christmas louder than a fir tree?  How about a pedestal table made from “reclaimed fir”?

There are 2 sides to the Christmas tree debate.  Some feel “it’s green” to  have a fake tree because no trees were destroyed and you can use the same tree year after year.  The downside is that it will ultimately end up in landfill unless you retain it until it’s vintage and worth something ( har har).

The “truly green” support the fir growers and buy a real fresh fir tree that eventually decomposes or used in the building industry.

The ” OMG I’m so green” may opt out of the fir tree and opt for a gorgeous “reclaimed vintage fir” side table and place a classic festive faux arrangement (which can be stored into perpetuity) upon it… like this.

christmas arrangement

Christmas Arrangement by Glam Vintage & Moderne

Light my Wire

Wire Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This is not a reading lamp as the shade is too dark.  This is a fabulous accent lamp meant to highlight itself.  It “lights its wire” base and the table it’s sitting on.The taupe barrel shade works perfectly with the gun-metal base of woven wire spun in a clean cylinder.   The light reflects the sparkle of the antiqued mirror vintage side table below it and contrasts nicely with the subtle organic coral beside it.

Living in a loft space that is only 1200 sq feet is so frustrating when all you want to do is decorate more rooms and buy more stuff.  Like this wire lamp and the “to die for” colourful large canvases on tomorrow’s blog.