The 4 C’s of Living Rooms that Work

Sofa, Area Rug and Coffee Table at Glam Vintage and Moderne

Sofa, Area Rug and Coffee Table at Glam Vintage and Moderne

  1. The first C is Couch.  Chose your sofa wisely.  A nice neutral shade will transcend the seasons and on-trend colour palettes.
  2. Since comfort is open to interpretation, Richard recommends visiting the manufacturer for a comfort test run before you order anything in custom fabrics or sizing.
  3. Your coffee table’s shape should optimize its’ usefulness in the room. Go for a glass top to maintain a spacious look and show what’s underneath.
  4. Amy Butler designed Chandra RugFinally it’s all about the carpet.  There is a  dizzying array of moderately priced quality wool area rugs available.  With neutrals surrounding it and a glass-topped table above it,  here’s your chance to be brave, carpe diem, live on the edge, gather ye rosebuds.  become the master of your domain.



Sophisticated Sofas for the Brave

Architectural Digest April 2013 White Sectional

White sectional Architectural Digest April 2013

Off-white sofas and sectionals are on trend and work anywhere.

Cowardly parents and dogparents will order Glam’s Canadian made sofas in another shade even though the fabric is polyester and cleans easily with a damp sponge and a little “Dawn”.

These off-white sofas will always look sleek and elegant with their “perpetually tidy” bench seating – a calm serene anchor against nearby busy furniture and accessory patterning.

Tufted Bench seat sofa

Tufted Jane Lockhart Designed Sofa at Glam Vintage & Modene

Neutral Sofa with Bench seating

Tuxedo Sofa from Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Whit sofa surrounded by colour

Relatively inexpensive area rugs, pillows and draperies in eye-popping colours can be purchased with reckless abandon when all you have to do is match them to white.

Even my partner could do that but then I’d have to get a real job.